Menu 1 (For 2persons)

$ 34.3

Sang choy Bow
       (lettuce Buns 鳥ひき肉のレタス包み)
Sup Asparagus  Jagung Kepiting
       (Crabmeat & Asparagus Sweet Corn Soup アスパラガスと蟹とコーンのスープ)
Ayam Goreng Mentega Fillet
       (Fillet Fried Chiken In Butter 鳥のから揚げバター風味)
Kangkung Sepcial HotPlate
       (Water Mimosa Hotplate Whit Quail Egg 空心菜のスペシャルホットプレート)
Udang Saus Cabe
       (Chilli Prawn 海老のチリソース)


Menu 2 (For 2persons)

$ 40.8

Sang Choy Bow
       (Lettuce Buns 鳥ひき肉のレタス包み)
Ikan Goreng Saus Kecap
       (Deep Fried Fish With Soya  Sauce 魚のから揚げしょうゆ風味ソース)
Kepiting Saus Cabe
       (Chilli Crab カニのチリソース)
Baby Kalian Saus Tiram
       (Chainese Brocoli With Oyster & Sauce 中国野菜のオイスターソース)
Sapi Lada Hitam
       (Black Pepper Beef 牛肉の黒コショウ風味)


Menu 3 (for 2persons)

$ 30.0

Bakso Udang Goreng
       (Deep Fried Prawn Balls 揚げ海老団子)
Mie Goreng Seafood
       (Seafood Fried Eggnoodle インドネシア風シーフード焼きそば)
Cumi Goreng  Tepung
       (Deep Fried Squid イカのから揚げ)
Terong Goreng  Rasa Sayang 
       (Rasa Sayang Deep Fried Eggplant ラササヤン風揚げ茄子)
Sapotahu  seafood
      (Tofu & seafood  Clay pot  豆腐のシーフードあんかけ)

All Price are included 21% Government Tax and Service Charge